My rates are $75/hr plus the cost of parts and strings unless a flat-rate is given below. I give discounts to current students. I accept cash, check or credit card.

Here’s a list of my services. (If you need something done that you don’t see here, tell me and I’ll tell you if I can do it):

  • Basic Maintenance
    • String Change – $30 flat-rate
      • Includes cost of new strings and can be completed as customer waits.
    • Cleaning – $20 flat rate
      • Includes a comprehensive exterior surface clean and polish.
    • Total Check-Up – $30
      • This is a thorough evaluation of your instrument that is best suited for those of you who aren’t sure if your instrument is worth saving, upgrading or replacing.
  • Advanced Maintenance and Repair
    • Action Adjustment and Intonation
      • I’ll adjust the height of your strings above the fretboard so that the instrument is as easy to play as possible. Afterwards, I’ll adjust the intonation so that the tuning is consistent all over the neck.
    • Single Fret Leveling
      • If you’ve got one fret that buzzes when the rest don’t, you may need a spot-leveling of that fret so that it is the same height as the others.
    • Complete Fret Level
      • If you have more than a few buzz locations on your neck, it may be time for the all of the frets to be leveled as a group. This procedure ensures that every fret is exactly the same level as the others.
    • Fret Polishing
      • I’ll get those frets mirror-like and glassy smooth for luxurious bends by polishing the frets.
    • Nut Slot Optimization
      • If your nut slots are too shallow, the strings’ action will be too high and the notes on the first few frets will be out of tune. I can cut the slots deeper to help make the instrument play better and sound better.
    • Nut Replacement
      • Sometimes nuts crack and need to be replaced. Other times, the slots become too deep causing buzzes at the first fret. You may just want a new material like bone or TUSQ. In those cases, I can remove the old nut and put a new one in for you.
  • Modifications
    • Installation of New Pickups
      • I’ll fire up the soldering iron and install new pickups into your instrument. Volume knobs, tone knobs and switches can also be installed or replaced.
    • Installation of New Hardware
      • I can install new tuning machines, new saddles, strap buttons and more on your guitar. If it can be removed, I can replace it for you.
    • EW Nut Slots Mod
      • Improve your instrument’s tuning stability with my detailed re-shaping of your nut slots. I’ll break out the magnifying glass and nut file to make your strings glide through the nut slots and return back to tune after bending the strings or using the vibrato bar. Your instrument will stay in tune better than ever. This mod is especially helpful for Gibson-style headstocks.